Oklahoma City: A City That May Be In Oklahoma, Or Maybe New Mexico Or Some Shit

Oklahoma City is a wonderful, vibrant city that is, unfortunately, located right in the middle of the area known as “Tornado Alley.” In fact, it started out as Oklahoma City, Tennessee back in 1887, but was blown across the border into Kentucky in 1903. Since then, Oklahoma City has been located in at least seven states. It has recently adopted the motto “Oklahoma City: I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore. Unless We Are.”

Of course, tornadoes aren’t Oklahoma City’s weather problem. It’s also located on Golf-Ball Sized Hail Avenue, Level Five Hurricane Lane, and Plague Of Locusts Boulevard. If you’re going to visit Oklahoma City, bring an extra-strong umbrella in case it rains flaming toads, and make sure your suitcase has wheels because a tornado may blow you into Texas or Saskatchewan. Good luck.


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