Oregon: Another Goddamn State? Jesus, How Many Of These Things Are There?

Many people think Oregon is pronounced “OreGONE,” which is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Jesus. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? “OreGONE?” Seriously? It’s “OreGUN,” you morons.

Would it be so hard to pronounce it correctly? Or do you pronounce ALL the state names wrong? Do you say “Neevayda?” “Minor Soda?” “Penis Sylvanier?” “Sooth Daycooter?” No, you do not. Because if you did, you would sound like a fucking idiot. So guess what you sound like when you say “OreGONE?” Hint: it rhymes with “schmucking schmidiot.” Of course, if you say “OreGONE,” you  probably pronounce “fucking idiot” as “fookinge eye diet,” so you don’t even know what the fuck we’re talking about, anyway. We don’t even know why we bother sometimes.


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