Jellyfish: Nature’s Jellyfish

Jellyfish live in the sea, and come in a variety of delicious flavors: grape, strawberry, um… grape. OK, grape and strawberry are about it, really.

But, either way, grape or strawberry, both kinds of jellyfish are delicious on a peanut butter sandwich! Here’s what you do: Go down to the beach with two slices of bread, one of them slathered in peanut butter. Now, wade into the ocean up to your knees and start looking for jellyfish. When you see one, try to capture it between the two slices of bread. You’ll have to work fast! Those jellyfish are crafty little buggers!

And but so once you capture a jellyfish between your two slices of bread, go ahead and take a big chomp–the grape or strawberry flavor is ALWAYS better when the jellyfish is fresh out of the water. Savor that delicious grape or strawberry flavor, because it’s poison and it’s the last thing you’ll ever eat. And if the grape or strawberry jelly in the jellyfish doesn’t kill you, the fact that it’s stinging your tongue hundreds of times with a hideously evil neurotoxin that will kill you slowly and painfully ought to do the trick.

Yum. Jellyfish.


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