Apollo X: Another Damn Space Thing

Apollo X was the mission BEFORE the historic moon landing. Oh, the crew of Apollo X wanted to land on the moon, but sadly, the “moon” soundstage in Utah wasn’t finished yet. The black space backdrop hadn’t been painted yet, and the truck full of grey dust had broken down 100 miles away, just outside of Provo.

So, what else could the crew of Apollo X do? They stayed at the local Motel 6, hanging out in their rooms and watching “Hogan’s Heroes” and “Nanny & the Professor.” They may have also watched porno films, but they showed up on the bill as just “Movie: $19.99,” so we may never know.

So, after a few days they “splashed down” in the Motel 6 pool and drove home. To this day, everybody keeps asking lunar module pilot Gene Cernan what it was like to be the first man to push G-5 on the Motel 6 vending machine (Twizzlers).


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