Kansas: Good Lord, Another Damn State

All Kansas is is dust in wind. That is SO true, man. Far out.

Did you ever like, look at your hand, man? I mean, like REALLY look at your hand. Like, these lines in my hand–what if they’re a map to another universe, left by ancient astronauts? Check it out–like, this puffy part up by my pinky, that’s our solar system, right? And these lines like, represent other galaxies and shit, and like, my thumb, that’s a whole other universe, outside our universe, and there are like, billions of other universes, because everybody’s got like, two thumbs. Whooooaaaaaa. Far out.

Shit, did someone just knock on the door, man? Is that the cops? Shit shit shit. Act cool, man, act cool. And that’s everything you need to know about Kansas.


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