Disalmanac Podcast 032: Apollo 11 (with Julieanne Smolinski, aka @BoobsRadley)

Disalmanac Podcast 032

Yes, we’re back for a second season of the Disalmanac Podcast, and we’re starting off with one of the biggest events in human history: Man’s first steps on the moon (for those of you who thought we meant the chicken races at the Crook County Fair in Prineville, Oregon: we’ll be covering that soon. We promise).

And stay tuned for a Random Bonus Fact about actor David Duchovny from writer Julieanne Smolinski, a.k.a. @BoobsRadley on Twitter. She really knows her David Duchovny shit!

Download by right-clicking the above link. Like you don’t know that.

Remember, all the previous podcasts are here. Hear previous guests like Reggie Watts, Ted Leo, Mary Jo Pehl (MST3K), Bill Corbett (also MST3K), Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings, the British band Clinic, and Sara Benincasa, or learn some crap about String Theory or Iceland. Whatever.

And don’t forget our Twitter feed, our Facebook fan page, and our new book-writin’ blog over at Cowbird. Lots of Disalmanac to go around! No need to crowd!


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