The Roaring Twenties: A History Time

The 1920s were a time of great prosperity for America. “The business of America is business,” said President Calvin Coolidge. Then he demanded that someone pull his finger before ripping a huge one right in the Oval Office. They had to leave the windows open overnight.

This was the Jazz Age, when flappers jitterbugged and 23 skidoo’ed a shrimp on the barbie or some shit. Historians and speech pathologists believe there was some sort of aphasia rampant that made people speak random words.

The 1920s were also the era of Prohibition. The manufacture, sale, import, export and juggling of alcoholic beverages was prohibited by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution. And yet, alcohol was easily available at neighborhood “speakeasies.” Many were run by organized crime figures like Al Capone, who controlled all bootlegging in 37 states, six Canadian provinces, most of Europe, and the planet of Neptune.

A few years later, Prohibition itself would be prohibited. Well, mostly—it is still illegal to juggle alcoholic beverages. If you are discovered doing so, you can be sent to Guantanamo as a potential terrorist. You’ve been warned.


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