The Neck: Part Of Your Filthy, Filthy Body

The neck is that thing holds your head up. Your stupid, stupid head, which probably still believes that the world we see around us every day is the “real world.” Well, don’t you believe it, Chester.

Get with the program–what you think is the “real world” is nothing but an illusion created by your idiotic brain! Yes, idiotic–if you had any sense, you’d create a world better than this one. One that didn’t include crappy shit like licorice, “Franklin & Bash” and Michele Bachmann. Jesus. Use a little imagination when creating your “real world!” You could fucking have jet packs and a robo-vagina that shoots lasers. How cool would THAT be?

So what is the actual real world like? Well, since atoms are well one 99% empty space, the nature of the universe is actually pure nothingness. And while the concept of pure nothingness may frighten some, remember: a universe of pure nothingness is a universe where not even a single episode of “Franklin & Bash” exists. It’s glorious!

And that is everything you need to know about your damn neck.


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