Opossums: Yet Another Animal, Dammit

It’s pronounced “possum,” but it’s spelled “opossum.” We’re on to your little game, “o”possum–you’re trying to move up slightly in alphabetical order!

“Aaaaaapossum” would be too obvious. And “bpossum” looks weird. “Cpossum” sounds like a programming language from 1988.

So, it’s “opossum.” Good job–you’ve moved up one space alphabetically. And what do you get for your supposed cleverness? You get to move ahead of penguins in the dictionary. Penguins, the sworn enemy of all opossums worldwide.

So way to go, opossums. You REALLY stuck it to the penguins. Meanwhile, penguins don’t even give a fuck because they don’t even know the goddamn alphabet.


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