Indonesia: Yet Another Country, Slappy

Located in the western Pacific, Indonesia consists of over 18,000 islands. You don’t think they’d miss one, do you?

Here’s the plan: We’ll distract Indonesia somehow. Maybe we’ll say, “Hey babe, are you tired? Because you’ve been lifting heavy boxes in our mind all day.” Or maybe we’ll try, “Hey baby, I lost my phone number. I really should have written it down. I have got to get more organized. “ We may even break out the heavy artillery: “Hey babe, do you have a mirror in you pocket? Because you’ve got like, a thing in your teeth. It’s green. What the hell were you eating earlier?”

Anyway, so while we’ve got Indonesia distracted, you steal one of their islands. No, we haven’t worked that part out yet. You figure it out! We’re busy trying out some more lines on Indonesia. “Hey babe, I hope you know CPR, because I am seriously having chest pains. I need to sit down. Lord, I think this is the big one. Auuugghhhhhhhnnnngggg.”


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