Apollo 13: Another Space Thing Deal Quest

Apollo 13 is the lunar mission where things went awry. Horribly awry. None more awry.

Sure, everyone made it back OK, but the entire tense situation could have been easily avoided by not sending Kevin Bacon into space in the first place.

Look, we know Kevin Bacon is a fine actor. He is so, so good in “A Few Good Men,” and so, so so-so in “Flatliners.” And yes, we know he’s also a musician and a French chef and a park ranger and the world’s most sought jewel thief. We get that. Plus, he’s in what, two hundred movies every year? So maybe being an astronaut on top of all that was too much.

Maybe NASA should have sent someone less busy on the fateful Apollo 13 mission. The Disalmanacarian is pretty sure Kiefer Sutherland wasn’t too busy at the time. Rob Lowe HAD to be available, right? Or what about one of the Coreys? Oh, right. Bad idea. But still.


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