Nebraska: What, This Is A State, Too? Really?

Nebraska’s capital is Lincoln. But Illinois is the Land of the Lincoln. Confused? Don’t be—the explanation is quite simple!

You see, Nebraska has taken the cost-saving measure of outsourcing their entire state government to an office park in the suburban Chicago area.

Sadly, Nebraska is not saving nearly enough money, and will soon move its entire state government to a call center in Bangalore. Nebraska residents who want to renew their drivers licenses will have to pay thousands for an airline ticket, travel to a DMV in India, and stand in line for many, many days, maybe even weeks, until their number (“Do sau saat!”) is called. Oh, did we mention the tens of thousands of dollars it will cost to ship your car to Bangalore and back to have its emissions tested?

But it will be worth it, for all the time and money Nebraskans will save.


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