Starfish: Nature’s Starfish

Everybody loves starfish–they’re shaped like stars! But what about all the other shape-based fish out there? Why don’t they get any love?

For instance, the rhombusfish. It’s a fish shaped like a rhombus! How cool is that? Not very, apparently, because they get almost no attention compared toy our precious starfish.

And there are so many more species of shape-based sea life that get no love from the general public: the parallelogram crab. The triangle lobster. And, perhaps most sadly of all: the fish-fish. It’s a fish that’s shaped like a fish! Can you even begin to imagine the amount of evolution that led to a fish shaped like a fish? It boggles the mind that such a fish-shaped fish could even exist! And yet: nobody gives a shit, saving all their adoration for a fish shaped like a damn star.

You people make us sick.


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