Magnesium: Another Stupid Element

Coming in at number twelve on the periodic table, magnesium is a metal that is found nearly everywhere: in the Earth’s crust and deep in the Earth’s mantle and core, in seawater, and in plants. That’s right: plants are made of metal!

Don’t believe us? Try this experiment at home*. Take a common houseplant: a fern, one of those spider plants, one of those things with the deep green leaves they’re always selling at the grocery store, or whatever. Now, use the plant to fashion a crude bullet-proof vest. Braid the leaves, or sew them together, whatever works for your particular plant needs. Now, put your bulletproof plant-vest on, and have a friend shoot you. The bullet will simply bounce right off the plant, because it is made of metal!

Probably. We don’t know. This is more of a thought experiment. As in: we thought it would be a terrible idea to actually DO this experiment.

*By “Try this experiment at home,” we mean, “Do NOT ever try this experiment at home.” Thank you for your attention in this matter.


One comment

  1. Jo

    Plants are not made of metal. After reading this post I tried to stick my grocery store plant to my magnetic whiteboard and it just crashed to the floor.

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