Gerald Ford: What Is This, Yet Another President? Jesus, How Many Presidents Were There?

Gerald Ford became vice president when Spiro Agnew resigned, and became president when Richard Nixon resigned. Funny how people had a tendency to resign when Ford was around. This is how Gerald Ford also became the head of General Motors, the prime minister of Canada, Cubmaster of Cub Scout troop 281 in Eugene, Oregon, and the captain of the East German women’s water polo team in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

But how was Ford able to get so many high-powered people to resign? Blackmail. He was an evil mastermind with an international network of spies and mistresses, getting the goods on the most powerful people in the world. Blackmail was his game, and he played to win.

Ford’s mad thirst for power was finally crushed by Jimmy Carter in 1976, who found shocking nude photos of Ford and Queen Elizabeth snorting cocaine off of hookers in the Oval Office. Ford knew he was beat, let Carter win and went into retirement.


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