Colorado: Another Damn State Already

Colorado is the Centennial State. Some people say this is because it became a state during America’s centennial year, 1876. But some people are wrong, wrong, wrong.

The truth is that Colorado is the Centennial State because it was only meant to be a state for one hundred years. That’s right–Colorado hasn’t been a real state since 1976.

But instead of declaring their independence and becoming the proud nation of Colorado, Colorado instead pretends like it’s still a state: voting in presidential elections, sending senators and representatives to Congress, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before ball games (instead of Colorado’s official anthem, “Rocky Mountain High”). They just refuse to go away and live on their own, even though it’s been over with Colorado for 36 years now.

And the sick thing is, the US fosters this dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship by LETTING Colorado pretend to be a state, even encouraging this belief. It’s time for BOTH the US and Colorado to go into couples counseling and learn to let go. Just let go. You’ll be glad you did.


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