Sydney: A City-Like Place

Sydney is a large city in Australia. Is it Australia’s largest? Who knows? That’s not important. Here’s what’s important: Sydney has travelled in time to the future.

You see, while it’s today here in the US, Canada and Europe, it’s already tomorrow in Sydney. Call someone in Australia right now and ask them who will win the next Super Bowl. They already know!*

Also: because it’s the future in Sydney, they already have jetpacks and rocket cars and shit. Everybody in Sydney works at Spaceley Sprockets. The Earth has already won the War of the Worlds. The action in the movie “Blade Runner” is studied in Sydney schools in the class “Ancient History.” It’s the future!

And when people in Sydney want to live in the past, they just visit Los Angeles and laugh. They laugh and laugh at how stupid we were here in the past, with our antiquated beliefs and old-fashioned ways. Then they buzz the Hollywood sign with their rocket cars and flip us off.

*Go ahead and put $1000 on Spokane to win the 2013 Super Bowl. Yes, we know they don’t have a team. Yet.


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