South Korea: Another Nation? Apparently

South Korea has been home to thousands of American troops since the Korean War, when South Korea faced an invasion from the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. The 4077th eventually won that war and now, Emperor-For-Life Hawkeye Pierce rules with an iron fist.

Generalisimo Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce demands that every South Korean citizen call their home “The Swamp” and keep a still running at all times. His chief of security, Corporal Klinger, forces all citizens to wear frilly women’s clothing or face the consequences. And head of the secret police Trapper John, MD forces all South Koreans to toil night and day in makeshift operating rooms, sending them to prison if they can’t come up with witty banter.

However, there is an underground movement afoot in South Korea to remove the tyrant Hawkeye. This movement is led by Major Frank Burns. With the assistance of a woman code-named “Hot Lips,” Burns hopes to once again bring freedom to South Koreans. What will happen? We’ll have to wait for May Sweeps to see.



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