Che Guevara: History Person

Che Guevara has appeared on millions of t-shirts, mostly because ironic hipsters think he’s the Frito Bandito or the Dictator For Life of the Amish. And yes, he was both of these things (plus he played the mumbly guy in The Usual Suspects), but he was also a famous Cuban revolutionary.

In 1959, Che, Fidel Castro and others overthrew the pro-US government and installed a Communist government. Che helped to collectivize Cuba’s cigars–if you were smoking a cigar, you either had to bring enough cigars for everybody, or you had to let everybody take a puff.

Later, Che grew restless and tried to foment revolutions in other nations in the Americas. Sadly, his efforts were doomed to failure, because nobody knew what “foment” meant (and it sounds like something that would smell really bad, and who wants that in their country?). Eventually, he was killed by the entire Bolivian army. And he still had so many Fritos to bandito.



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