Apollo 16: Another Damn Space Thing

Apollo 16 was the next-to-last manned mission to the Moon. It was supposed to be the final lunar mission, but as soon as astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke splashed down, old Doc Brown ran up and said, “Marty! We’ve got to go back to the future! It’s your kids!” And even though none of the astronauts were named “Marty,” this was the genesis of Apollo 16 Part II.

When the astronauts and Doc Brown got back to the Moon, sure enough, there was Biff, betting on sports by using the sports almanac that Thomas Mattingly had carelessly left behind on the lunar surface. Like you do. Anyway, there were some hijinks with a hoverboard (why hasn’t NASA released these to the general public yet?) and nobody would give Charles Duke a Pepsi Free, and but so somehow they all ended up in the old West with ZZ Top or some shit.

The point is, America left Biff Tannen on the Moon. This doesn’t seem like the best idea.


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