Lagos: A Big-Ass City

Lagos, the largest city in Africa, is named after the local word for the city’s chief building material: Legos.

That’s right: Lagos is completely made out of Legos building blocks. Their capital building is the Lego Hogwarts set. Their President-For-Life is the Lego Han Solo from one of the Star Wars sets. Lego Han Solo took over in a violent military coup (yes, despite attempts to re-write history, Lego Han Solo totally shot first).

When visiting Lagos, be sure to see the beautiful Lego Helms Deep and the breath-taking Lego Batcave. But be careful–the citizens of Lagos are unhappy with the dictatorial ways of Lego Han Solo, and a group led by Lego Wolverine and Lego Spongebob is currently attempting to mount a violent revolution. You may be better off visiting the much-safer city neighboring city of Duplo.


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