The Atlantic Ocean: An Earth Thing

The Atlantic Ocean covers 20% of the Earth’s surface, which is entirely too much area to devote to fish. You hear that, fish? Your free ride is over.

Here’s what we do: we drain the Atlantic Ocean. Relax, there are still several other oceans for all the fish to use. But we drain out all that salt water, and build a huge amusement park–massive roller coasters, crazy rides, bungee jumping, you name it. And we’ll have cartoon characters walking around–let’s see, who’s the hot cartoon character these days? SpongeBob! We’ll call it SpongeBobWorld. We’ll drain the ocean, and then build an amusement park that looks just like the bottom of the ocean!

But what about all the fish, you ask? They can evolve arms and legs and get jobs at SpongeBobWorld. Or, they can die. Your choice, fish. Survival of the fittest.


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