Cuba: Another Nation Already? Jeez-o-pete.

Cuba is one of the only Communist nations left in the world, along with China and the United States. Yes, because of Obamacare, the US is now a Communist country. Because only godless Commies would take care of their poor the way Jesus said to.

Of course, in Cuba they still call it Romneycare, because it was all Mitt Romney’s idea to begin with. Castro and the Communists love Mitt Romney–Romney weakens the US economy by sending good jobs to China, and then China gives Cuba a cut. Plus, Cuba is probably one of many offshore tax havens where Romney hides his money. Who knows for sure? He certainly won’t tell us.

What else do the Communists love about Mitt Romney? Well, Romney wants to bankrupt the US with a tax cut for the super-wealthy while dramatically increasing defense spending, even though the Defense Department doesn’t want it. Then, when the US goes down, Romney just gives the keys to all the tanks and missiles to whoever’s in charge of Cuba by then. Fidel will probably pass soon. So maybe Raul Castro or Tito Castro or Zeppo Castro.

It really doesn’t matter–a Romney victory means world domination for tiny Cuba! Viva Cuba!


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