Skylab 2: Another Damn Space Thing

Yes, we know: the patch says “Skylab I.” But really, the mission was called “Skylab 2.”

Why the discrepancy? Sadly, nobody at NASA in the early 1970s knew how to count. And the ones who did know how to count were totally baked and listening to the Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72” on 8-track over and over again out in their Camaro in the NASA parking lot.

How did these rocket scientists get to be rocket scientists? Well, believe it or not, these stoners and first-grade dropouts were America’s best and brightest at the time. We just weren’t all that best or bright.

Of course, today NASA is run by competent, intelligent individuals who can count to at least 14 . Also, they do meth instead of smoking the mary-jane, which explains NASA’s next mission to the planet Sudafed-14.


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