The Vietnam War: A Thing That Happened

When North Vietnam became a Communist nation in 1954, the US sent troops to South Vietnam to prevent its government from falling into Communist hands. This is known as the domino theory: if one domino falls, they’ll all fall.

In fact, most American wars were based on childhood games such as dominoes. The Cold War was based on Monopoly–by the end, the Soviets only owned Baltic Avenue and one broken-down railroad. The Korean War, obviously, was based on Candyland, with its decisive and bloody Battle of Gum Drop Mountain. And World War II was based on Apples To Apples, with the Allies working feverishly to find the perfect opportunity to play their Adolf Hitler card (when, of course, the British drew the “Stinky” card).

America’s Civil War was based on the game Clue–who can forget how Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick in the study, won the Battle of Fredericksburg against the superior numbers and firepower of Mr. Boddy?

Even America’s Revolutionary War was based on a childhood game–freeze tag. After losing, King George III had to stand stone still from 1781 until his death in 1820.

So who won the game of dominoes that was the Vietnam War? Ice Cube, as recounted in his autobiography, “It Was A Good Day.”


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