We’ve moved to Disalmanac.com!

AND BUT SO: This blog now updates daily at its new home:


This means that if you subscribe to us via RSS, you’ll want to go to the new site and resubscribe. And if you visit us via a bookmark, go to the new page and bookmark the crap out of it!

The new page has links to all your favorite Disalmanac knowledge: our Twitter feeds (yes, TWO now), our mighty Tumblr, the podcast, and more!

This page will remain here and will become the official site of the Disalmanac Podcast, once we start a new season in January. Exciting new facts! Exciting new guests! Exciting new etcetera!

So go directly to our new site, and be sure to let us know how you like the new page. Unless you hate it, then we really don;t want to hear about it.


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