Disalmanac Podcast 050: Brit Lit (With Emily Heller)

emily-heller-2Disalmanac Podcast 050 (approximately eight minutes and three seconds)

For Disalmanac’s fiftieth podcast, we look at the entirety of 19th century British literature. This was a fruitful period for classic novels and poetry that you have to read in your first semester at college while you’re still drunk from the night before. Now, you can listen to this podcast and get back to drinking. You’re welcome.

And stay tuned for a Random Bonus Fact from comedian Emily Heller–you may have seen her on Conan earlier this year. Plus, she does the great Baby Geniuses podcast, which we have never appeared on even though clearly we were a baby genius.

Double-click the link above to download the podcast. Or, subscribe to us on iTunes. Whatever.

The AV Club said of the Disalmanac Podcast: “The reward is in the bizarre snowball effect.” So if you need bizarre snowballs, download this podcast NOW, Slappy!

REMEMBER: Pre-order the Disalmanac book, get a free autographed bookmark! And maybe win some original art from the book–details here!


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