Disalmanac Podcast 051: London (with Ophira Eisenberg)

oeDisalmanac Podcast 051 (just shy of eight minutes in length)

This week’s podcast is about London, and all things London–from the Eifel Tower to the Great Wall of China, you can find it in London.

And stay tuned for a Random Bonus Fact from Ophira Eisenberg. She’s the host of NPR’s puzzles-and-fun show “Ask Me Another,” and the author of “Screw Everyone.” Try not to get confused and Ask Everyone and Screw Me Another, OK Slappy?

Double-click the link above to download the podcast. Or, subscribe to us on iTunes. Whatever.

The AV Club said of the Disalmanac Podcast: “The reward is in the bizarre snowball effect.” So if it’s bizarre snowballs you need, download this podcast NOW, Slappy!

ALSO: Disalmanac: A Book of Fact-Like Facts comes out in September–300+ pages, 150 illustrations, and 20 Random Bonus Facts from folks like Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Al Yankovic, and Ask Me Another’s bandleader, the leggy Jonathan CoultonPLUS: if you pre-order the Disalmanac book, you can get a free autographed bookmark, and maybe win some original art from the book–DETAILS HERE!


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