Disalmanac Podcast 057: France (With Abbi Crutchfield)

abbiDisalmanac Podcast 057 (not quite nine and a half minutes/control-click to download)

This week, prepare to learn a thing or two about the great nation of France. For instance: you can only get there by entering through the back of an enchanted wardrobe, and once there you’ll find Aslan and Prince Caspian. No, wait–that’s New Jersey. France is some other damn country.

And then, stay tuned for a Random Bonus Fact from Abbi Crutchfield, who pretty much rules Twitter.

Double-click the link above to download the podcast. Or, subscribe to us on iTunes. Whatever.

The AV Club said of the Disalmanac Podcast: “The reward is in the bizarre snowball effect.” So if you need bizarre snowballs, download this podcast NOW, Maynard!

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